Super Distributor

Terms & Conditions For Super Distributor

“Our Clients our Partners”

  1. The Company Will Bear The Transportation Up To The Godown Premises. The Octroi, Local Tax   Will Also Be Provided By The Company.
  2. The Super Distributor Should Have Adequate Space Available For Front Office And must have sufficient space round about 5000 – 8000 sq. ft. for godown fascility.
  3. A sum of minimum Rs. 15 – 50 lacs as an advance payment for deposit. However, the amount may increase depending on the area allotted.
  4. The Super Distributor will get a profit margin of 1.5% on the net sale bill.
  5. The company will provide 50% of godown rent.
  6. The company will provide 0ne sales executive exclusively for to setup network of dealers, builders and also architects.
  7. Company pay interest 12% per annum on deposit amount.
  8. The Super Distributor of “DEVDARSHAN TILES” can not take any other competitors  distributorship.
  9. All the payments must be done by cheques/bank only.
  10. Super Distributor will give five blank cheques as security deposit to the company.
  11. Every communication will be done in written format, as verbal communications will not be considered valid.
  12. Company reserves the right to change the business policy as required without prior intimation  and distributors are bound to agree upon them.